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Throughout our long history, we have expanded our assets and capabilities, putting a constant emphasis on growth and adaptation. These resources, paired with our forward-thinking, enable us to perform in all sectors in and beyond the supply chain.


Our focus is on the consumer’s dynamics. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of social responsibilities.

Through membership in numerous respected trade associations that share and enforce these values, we support and further our corporate responsibility initiatives.



Our manufacturing facilities in India, New York, and Hong Kong can produce generic, volume retail, and higher-end designer products for private labels

Our product development team includes sketch artists, designers, engineers, and model makers, to make a concept a complete piece

Our research and development team travels to trade shows to discover the latest designer trends and manufacturing techniques

Our facilities are equipped for all types of diamond setting: bezel, prong, French, pave, micro-pave, and wax-setting as well as CAD and 3D Printing



Our Factories

Seepz, Mumbai
175 Employees
Surat, Mumbai
600 Employees
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